AURO 510 Erikoispohjuste

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Vesilohenteinen pohjuste estää värjäävien aineosien läpipääsyn puusta pintamaaliin.
Tuote antaa hyvän suojan ja estää pintamaalia värjäytymästä oksankohtien ja erilaisten jalopuiden kuten tammi, saarni ja kastanja päällä.
Toimii myös painekyllästetyllä puulla.

Korvaa perinteisen oksalakan.



Vesilohenteinen pohjuste estää värjäävien aineosien läpipääsyn puusta pintamaaliin.
Tuote antaa hyvän suojan ja estää pintamaalia värjäytymästä oksankohtien ja erilaisten jalopuiden kuten tammi, saarni ja kastanja päällä.
Toimii myös painekyllästetyllä puulla.

Erikoispohjuste tasoittaa pinnan vaihtelevaa imukykyä ja tarjoaa siten täydellisen pohjan seuraaville maalikerroksille. Voidaan ylimaalata AURO kaluste- ja seinämaalein.

Luonnollisesti erikoispohjuste täyttää niin kutsutun lelunormin ”safe for toys” DIN EN 71-3 ja DIN 53160 vaatimukset, jotka takaavat hiki- ja sylkekestävyyden.

Type of material

Water-dilutable primer without solvents and titanium dioxide, slightly film-forming, in particular for substrates rich in active substances.

Intended purpose

Basic treatment for wood and wood based materials rich in active substances, prior to the treatment with water dilutable, coloured lacquer

paints from the AURO COLOURS FOR LIFE series (products 516*, 517*).

Technical properties

– Reduces the following effects on the finish coat that might be caused by the substrate:

o Bleeding of discolouring substances into light (white) subsequent coatings (e.g. on ash, larch, red cedar, red meranti)

o Active material efflorescence on salt- and pressure-impregnated substrates

– Equalizes unevenly absorptive surfaces

– Tested according to DIN EN 71, part 3, safety of toys, and DIN 53160, resistant to saliva and perspiration


Water, DecoveryÆ, mineral fillers, cellulose, surfactants made of rapeseed oil and castor oil, silicates, liquid ammonia, benzylisothiazolinone,

sodium pyrithione. May cause allergic reactions. See the current full declaration on

Colour shade: Semitransparent.

Application method

Brushing, rolling (synthetic or mixed-fibre brushes, fine-pore foam rollers, short-pile finishing rollers). AURO offers an assortment of high-grade


The product can also be applied by spraying (high pressure, mist-reduced, airmix).

Drying time at 23°C/ 50% relative humidity

Dust dry after approximately 2 hours, workable after approximately 6 hours. A high humidity level can significantly delay drying.

Density: 1,18 g/cm3

Viscosity: Approximately 80-100 seconds (DIN 6 mm) at 20 °C

Thinner Ready for use; can be diluted with max. 5% of water.

Consumption rate

0,08-0,10 l/m2 per coat, equalling approx. 70 – 90 mμ wet coat on smooth, uniformly absorbent bases. Consumption rates depend on substrate,

processing method, surface quality. Determine exact consumption on sample.

Cleaning of tools

Immediately after use remove product residues from the tools by brushing out and wash with water. Remove stubborn product residues by

soaking the tools for longer periods in soap solution (AURO Plant Soap No. 411*) and wash thoroughly with water.

Storage stability: At 18° C in unopened original container: 24 months.

Packaging material: Tinplate.


Return completely emptied containers for recycling. Only dried product residues can be disposed of as dried paint or with the household waste.

Liquid residues: EWC code 080120, designation: paints, lacquers.


Product code: BSW10, coating materials, water-based, low in preservatives. Observe standard protective measures, e.g. provide for sufficient

skin protection and ventilation during the application. Observe the information on the safe handling of the product, on labelling and hazardous

Technical Data Sheet

page1image853189328 page1image853189680

substances contained in the Safety Data Sheet (download from and on the product label.

Hazard class: Does not apply.

EU VOC value according to 2004/42/EC II A (dWb): 130 g/l (2010). Product VOC: <= 1 g/l.


1.1 Recommended substrates

Wood and wooden materials rich in active substances, inside and outside, cork, old coatings.

– Wood rich in tanning agents: e.g. oak, chestnut, cherry tree, merbau, framire

– Wood with bleeding, discolouring substances, especially in case of light (white) coatings, e.g. ash, larch, red cedar, red meranti

– Salt- and pressure-impregnated wood

– (Phenolic) resin-based wooden materials

– Cork

1.2 General surface requirements

Surfaces must be solid, dry, chemically neutral, free of grease, clean, stable, in good condition and adhesive.


2.1. Substrate preparation

Attention:The product is free of wood protecting agents (biocides). Check if preventive wood protection by means of a suitable biocidal wood

primer is necessary or mandatory (VOB), especially for coniferous wood and weathered dimensionally stable wooden components or in damp


2.1.1. Solid wood

– For high-quality surfaces, first soak with water, allow to dry, finely sand in direction of the grain and brush pores in direction of the grain,

thoroughly remove dust.

– Round edges, clean substrate, sand wood thoroughly and gradually until the desired final quality is obtained (e.g. for furniture with abrasive

mesh up to grit size 220), remove sanding dust thoroughly. Wear a dust mask when sanding.

– Wash wood rich in substances or resinous and tropical wood with alcohol dilution and sand finely again. Remove any substances that come

out of the wood such as resin or resin galls; remove damaged wood; seal open wood composites. Wood based materials: seal off the edges


– Always use rust-free abrasives for sanding.

2.1.2. Wooden materials, veneered wood and wooden materials

– The regulations by the manufacturers of the wooden materials must be observed, e.g. when working with layer-glued fibreboard.

– Round edges, clean substrate, sand wood thoroughly and gradually until the desired final quality is obtained (e.g. for furniture up to abrasive

mesh grit size 220), remove sanding dust thoroughly.

2.1.3. Cork

Clean substrates, and prepare cork according to the manufacturer’s instructions, (sand slightly, if necessary). Thoroughly remove sanding dust.

2.2 Basic treatment

– Apply AURO COLOURS FOR LIFE Paint primer No. 510 evenly and swiftly. Observe the specified consumption rate!

– Upon conclusion of the drying process, an even film must have formed. If this is not the case, repeat the basic treatment observing the drying


– After approx. 6 hours, or full drying, slightly roughen surfaces with a fine sanding fleece. Make sure to not sand down to the substrate!

2.3 Subsequent treatment

Use the coloured gloss or satin matt lacquer paints (516*, 517*) from AUROís COLOURS FOR LIFE series, depending on the desired finish.


3.1 Type of substrate: Weathered or defective old coating (maintenance)

3.1.1 Surface preparation

Remove non-adhering, unstable paintwork in poor condition entirely.

3.1.2 Basic and subsequent treatment:

New coating system as described in section 2.

3.2 Type of substrate: Intact old coating (maintenance)

3.2.1 Surface preparation

Clean surfaces thoroughly (e.g. with AURO Paint and stain cleaner No. 435), sand slightly if necessary, remove dust.

3.2.2 Subsequent treatment or new coating system

As described in section 2, depending on rate of wear and finishing coating.


– Check substrate for suitability and compatibility before use.

– Avoid direct sunlight, exposure to humidity and dirt during the application and drying process.

– Minimum processing temperature: 10°C, max. 30°C, max. 85% rel. humidity; optimal is 20-23 °C at 50-65% rel. air humidity.

– Wood moisture content max. 12% in hardwood 15% in softwood

– Surfaces must be checked and maintained regularly and defects be repaired immediately to provide for durable protection.

– Wear a dust mask and eye protection when sanding.

Tuote on väritön. Tuotetta ei kuulu sävyttää.

It is in any case recommendable to prime wood and wooden materials before lacquer paints are applied. The primer is essential on wood types rich in active substances.

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